Brand: Unicorn Design
Product Code: s16003
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A jewelery set entirely in silver coulor with spiders combined with Swarovski crystals in the color Crystal Satin. Below the spider are thin chains that symbolize the spider web and in each such chain a insect has been stuck.

The set consists of:

A spider in silver oxidized pewter suspended in a tulip-shaped Y-link. In the spider hang three thin chains, each ending with an insect. In the chain are four Swarovski crystals.

The size of the pendant with chains is about 25mm wide, 80mm long and 5mm thick, made of pewter.

The material in the chain is stainless steel and it is approx. 43 cm long.

A spider in silver oxidized pewter suspended under two Swarovski crystals. Under the spider hangs a chain that ends with an insect.

The size of the earring with chain is approx. 10mm wide, 80mm long and 3mm thick, made of pewter.

The earrings are for pierced ears and they have French hooks in stainlesss surgical steel.

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