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According to tradition, the squirrel stands for - Foresight, idleness and hamstring. High perception ability. Collector. 

In this slightly more exclusive jewelry set, we have let the curious, hand-painted squirrel on its branch be surrounded by large emerald green crystal beads from Swarovski. All other jewelry pieces are in antique gold-plated metal which gives a beautiful frame to the emerald green.

The set consists of:

Hand painted squirrel on a branch with green leaves. Under the squirrel hangs a 25 x 18mm crystal jewel from Swarovski in the color Emerald. The stone is mounted in an open arched frame.

The size of the charm is about 55mm wide, 40mm high and 5mm thick. The jewelry weighs about 30 grams.

The material in the chain is antique silver plated brass and it is approx. 43 cm long and it is decorated with two Swarovski 6mm crystal jewels in the color Emerald.

Crystal jewel 18 x 13mm from Swarovski in the color Emerald in simple setting. Between the stone and the hook is another 6mm crystal jewel from Swarovski in the color Emerald.

The earrings are for pierced ears and they have French hooks in gold plated brass, decorated with a bead.

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