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(You cannot order this dress from Unicorn Design. Click the link below to order directly from the manufacturer HolyClothing.)

The Selene Maxi Tall Wedding dress has lovely, flowing georgette sleeves for an ethereal look and around the hem is a georgette border. Silver moon phase embroidery gives this dress a touch and feel of magic.

Butter-soft, breathable, plant-based viscose fabric will feel wonderful against your skin. Ethically handmade in India with exclusive HolyClothing design. The Selene Maxi Tall Wedding dress is made in size S - 5X and in the color White Ivory. This dress has a zipper and tie ends in back.

The Selene Maxi Tall dress is a longer version of the Selene Maxi dress.

Click here to order the Selene Maxi Tall Wedding Dress in White Ivory from HolyClothing. 

Garment measurements in cm for the Selene Maxi Tall dress (latest update September 2019).
Bust circumference:
S: 91 cm │M: 97 cm │L: 102 cm │XL: 107 cm │ 2X: 122 cm │3X: 132 cm │4X: 142 cm │5X: 152 cm

Waist circumference: 
S: 86 cm │M: 91 cm │L: 97 cm │XL: 102 cm │ 2X: 117 cm │3X: 127 cm │4X: 147 cm │5X: 147 cm

Hips circumference:
S: 107 cm │M: 112 cm │L: 122 cm │XL: 132 cm │ 2X: 137 cm │3X: 147 cm │4X: 157 cm │5X: 173 cm

Armhole circumference:
S: 46 cm │M: 48 cm │L: 51 cm │XL: 56 cm │ 2X: 61 cm │3X: 66 cm │4X: 71 cm │5X: 76 cm

Sleeves, shortest point: 
S: 64 cm │M: 64 cm │L: 66 cm │XL: 66 cm │ 2X: 69 cm │3X: 69 cm │4X: 69 cm │5X: 69 cm

Sleeves, longest point:
S: 86 cm │M: 86 cm │L: 91 cm │XL: 91 cm │ 2X: 97 cm │3X: 97 cm │4X: 97 cm │5X: 99 cm

Hem circumference:
S: 290 cm │M: 300 cm │L: 305 cm │XL: 330 cm │ 2X: 351 cm │3X: 356 cm │4X: 366 cm │5X: 386 cm

Garment length:
S: 151 cm │M: 151 cm │L: 152 cm │XL: 152 cm │ 2X: 152 cm │3X: 152 cm │4X: 152 cm │5X: 152 cm

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