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Cockatoo is a family among the parrot birds. The cockatoo has a smaller habitat than ordinary parrots and are found in the wild only in and around Australia. Many species of cockatoo are unfortunately endangered due to their small numbers.

The set consists of:

Glass cameo with a frame with rope edge in size 25 x 19mm with a Yellow-crested Cockatoo. The cameo is fastened to a Y-link which has two 6mm Swarovski rheinstones in the coulor Crystal on each side.

The material in the chain is antique silver plated brass and it is approx. 43 cm long.

Glass cameo with frame with rope edge in size 18 x 13mm with a yellow Yellow-crested Cockatoo. The cameo is suspended under a 6mm Swarovski rheinstone in the color Crystal.

The earrings are for pierced ears and they have French hooks in stainless sugical steel, decorated with a bead.

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