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The Pentadraca for Achievement of Goals Pendant, from the jewelry series "Carpe Noctum", is designed by renowned fantasy artist Anne Stokes. The pendant is made of lead-free pewter and embellished with goldplate, enamel and glittering rhinestones.

This highly detailed pewter pendant is in the shape of a dragon holding a five pointed star, a pentagram. The pendant comes with a stainless steel chain, and in a black gift box. 

"Dragon unites with Star to make a powerful magick. ‘An it harm none, do as you will’ shall be the whole of the Law. Believe in yourself. The Pentadraca pendant may lead its wearer to Self-Mastery and Achievement of Goals."

"Darkness conceals, and reveals. Those willing to walk in the shadows will experience the wonder of Carpe Noctum. Seize the Night. This Anne Stokes’s Carpe Noctum design promises the wearer: If you open your heart to Night’s sweet mysteries, you will become truly alive."

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