Brand: Alchemy England
Product Code: alch/E403/e18115
Availability: Custom Order 2-3 Weeks
275 SEK
Ex Tax: 220 SEK

From ancient Greek philosophy, the Ouroboros, a snake-serpent eating its own tail, is the Gnostic symbol of eternity, rebirth and the unity of everything, representing both the sun and the soul of the world.

A pair of detailed 25 mm (1") diameter ear-hoops of a serpent with green Swarovski crystal eyes, appearing to swallow their own tail when worn.

With surgical steel ear posts and silicone scrolls.

Dimensions (approx.): H: 29 mm (1.14") W: 27 mm (1.06") D: 6 mm (0.24"). Approx. weight: 9 grams/pair (0.32oz).

Designed and handmade in England.

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