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Pretty Arwen is inspired by medieval times and fairy tales. She is a long dress with a slightly fitted bodice and a long wide skirt with a satin jacquard inset in front. This dress has long double sleeves, a fitted inner sleeve ending in a point at your wrist, and an open, very wide outer sleeve, lined with the same satin as is in the skirt. A pretty ribbon adornes the neckline, waist and outer sleeve. Arwen is laced in back, from the neckline down to your hips.

This dress is all made of viscose, a natural fabric made of wood fibres.

Garment measurements in cm for the Arwen dress. Latest uppdated in 2017.*
Bust circumference:
S: 91 cm │M: 97 cm │L: 102 cm │XL: 112 cm │ 2X: 122 cm │3X: 132 cm │4X: 142 cm │5X: 152 cm

Waist circumference: 
S: 81 cm │M: 86 cm │L: 91 cm │XL: 102 cm │ 2X: 112 cm │3X: 122 cm │4X: 132 cm │5X: 137 cm

Hips circumference:
S: 112 cm │M: 117 cm │L: 122 cm │XL: 132 cm │ 2X: 147 cm │3X: 157 cm │4X: 183 cm │5X: 198 cm

Armhole circumference:
S: 46 cm │M: 52 cm │L: 56 cm │XL: 61 cm │ 2X: 66 cm │3X: 71 cm │4X: 76 cm │5X: 81 cm

Sleeves, shortest point: 
S: 56 cm │M: 56 cm │L: 56 cm │XL: 56 cm │ 2X: 56 cm │3X: 56 cm │4X: 56 cm │5X: 56 cm

Sleeves, longest point:
S: 71 cm │M: 71 cm │L: 71 cm │XL: 74 cm │ 2X: 74 cm │3X: 76 cm │4X: 76 cm │5X: 76 cm

Hem circumference:
S: 345 cm │M: 361 cm │L: 366 cm │XL: 371 cm │ 2X: 376 cm │3X: 386 cm │4X: 391 cm │5X: 417 cm

Garment length:
S: 145 cm │M: 145 cm │L: 145 cm │XL: 145 cm │ 2X: 145 cm │3X: 145 cm │4X: 145 cm │5X: 145 cm

*Please note that all garment measuring is done by hand and may differ with one to a few centimeters.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Your own body measurements in cm.
Bust circumference:
S: 86-91 cm │M: 94-97 cm │L: 99-104 cm │XL: 107-112 cm │ 2XL: 114-122 cm │3XL: 124-132 cm │4XL: 135-142 cm │5XL: 145-152 cm

Waist circumference:
S: 64-69 cm │M: 71-74 cm │L: 76-81 cm │XL: 84-94 cm │ 2XL: 96-107 cm │3XL: 109-117 cm │4XL: 119-132 cm │5XL: 135-147 cm

Hips circumference:
S: 86-94 cm │M: 96-99 cm │L: 102-104 cm │XL: 107-119 cm │ 2XL: 122-132 cm │3XL: 135-147 cm │4XL: 150-157 cm │5XL: 160-168 cm

Care Advice
This garment is made and dyed by hand, in this order. Color going by the same name will very seldom have been dyed together and will therefore not be in the exact same shade. Any irregularities with this garment is what makes it unique and is part of its charm.

Wash this garment carefully by hand in lukewarm water, or you may run it through a washing machine in no more than 30° C (almost cold) water. Always wash this garment inside out to protect the embroidery and color. Always wash your new garment before wearing it, and wash it separately to prevent staining.

When washing your garment for the first time, use a cup of salt instead of any washing detergent. This will protect the vibrant colors and prevent fading.

If you want to iron your garment, use a lukewarm iron and with your garment turned inside out to protect it. With time, as the garment gets softer, the need for any ironing will diminish. Just hang your wet garment with care, and carefully straighten all seams and embroidery.

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