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The Carmen Maxi dress is inspired by the Spanish dance flamenco. Carmens hem has ruffles and is knee length in front. The skirt of this pretty dress is adorned with lace and embroidery for a festive feeling. Carmen has tie ends in back for a perfect fit. The Carmen dress is made of viscose, a natural fabric made of wood fibres.

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Garments measurements in cm for the Carmen Maxi dress (latest update April 2019)*. 
Bust circumference, un-streched fabric:
S: 86 cm │L: 102 cm │XL: 107 cm │ 2XL: 122 cm

Bust circumference, streched fabric:
S: 91 cm │L: 107 cm │XL: 117 cm │ 2XL: 127 cm

Waist circumference:
S: 91 cm │L: 102 cm │XL: 112 cm │ 2XL: 122 cm

Hips circumference:
S: 112 cm │L: 127 cm │XL: 137 cm │ 2XL: 147 cm

Armhole circumference:
S: 46 cm │L: 56 cm │XL: 61 cm │ 2XL: 66 cm

Hem circumference:
S: 259 cm │L: 315 cm │XL: 330 cm │ 2XL: 361 cm

Garment length, shortest point:
S: 130 cm │L: 130 cm │XL: 130 cm │ 2XL: 130 cm

Garment length, longest point:
S: 142 cm │L: 142 cm │XL: 142 cm │ 2XL: 142 cm

*Please note that all garment measuring is made by hand and may differ with one to a few centimeters.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Your own body measurements in cm.
Bust circumference:
S: 86-91 cm │M: 94-97 cm │L: 99-104 cm │XL: 107-112 cm │ 2XL: 114-122 cm │3XL: 124-132 cm │4XL: 135-142 cm │5XL: 145-152 cm

Waist circumference:
S: 64-69 cm │M: 71-74 cm │L: 76-81 cm │XL: 84-94 cm │ 2XL: 96-107 cm │3XL: 109-117 cm │4XL: 119-132 cm │5XL: 135-147 cm

Hips circumference:
S: 86-94 cm │M: 96-99 cm │L: 102-104 cm │XL: 107-119 cm │ 2XL: 122-132 cm │3XL: 135-147 cm │4XL: 150-157 cm │5XL: 160-168 cm

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