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From ancient Greek philosophy, the Ouroboros, a snake-serpent eating its own tail, is the Gnostic symbol of eternity, rebirth and the unity of everything, representing both the sun and soul of the world.

A detailed cast pewter, solid serpent bangle, (very careful adjustment), with small green Swarovski crystals set into its eyes.

Complete the look with the rest of the Sophia Serpent jewellery; ring R206, bracelet A121 and earrings E403.

Dimensions (approx.): H: 76 mm (2.99"), W: 86 mm (3.39") and D: 10 mm (0.39"). Approx. weight: 54 grams (1.90 oz).

Alchemy's bracelets are made of English Pewter which is perfect for gently bending into shape, therefore enabling this bracelet to be available in two, adjustable, sizes, covering from small to large. To adjust gently squeeze the bracelet to comfortably fit your wrist. Please note that repeated over-bending will cause the metal to fracture.

Designed and handmade in England.

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