Brand: Esquivel & Fees
Product Code: ef/AR07-BR
Availability: Custom Order 4 - 6 Weeks
6,180 SEK
Ex Tax: 4,944 SEK

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Airedale Terrier Head No. AF07, together with chew bone links, make up this charming bracelet. The dog head, without loops, is about 10 mm wide and 13 mm high, it is dimensional with a somewhat flat back and beautifully detailed.

You may order your bracelet in the following lengths: 16,5 cm (6-1/2"), 17,8 cm (7"), 19 cm (7-1/2") or 20,3 cm (8"). Choose your desired bracelet length above.*

If you like, you may order all dogs with eyes made of genuine Swarovski crystal in black, which will make them look even more amazing and almost alive.

The price is for the bracelet made of all sterling silver, and without crystal eyes.

You may also order a bracelet with dog heads and chew bones made of bronze, and with the other parts made of sterling silver, which will get you a two-colored bracelet. Please contact us if you want a two-colored bracelet so there can be no doubt as to what parts you want made in which metal.

The price is the same for a bracelet made all in sterling silver, all in bronze, or a bracelet made in both bronze and sterling silver.

You may order the bracelet made of solid 14K gold, yellow, rose or white, with a gold wight of 35 grams. You may also order your dog heads with eyes made of genuine gemstones, for instance black diamonds. Please contact us for an offer if you are interested in any of these two options.

When ordering, always tell us if you want your item by a specific date and we will do our utmost to have it ready by then. If this is impossible, we will happily send you a personal gift card with a picture of the item and a personal text about the item being hand made to order and that it will be delivered as soon as possible.

*If you want your bracelet longer than 20,3 cm (8"), that would be no problem but would make the bracelet a bit more expensive. Please contact us for an offer.

This bracelet is a hand made original item from Esquivel & Fees.

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