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The Poison Darts lives in Central America and South America. Poison Darts have their name from when locals have used the poison from the frog on their arrowheads for hunting. The bright colors are a way to signal its toxicity.

Far from all poison dart frogs are toxic and even fewer are used for the production of poisons, but the golden kokoi poison dart frog is so toxic that it can be enough to rub the frog's back with the tongue tip to transmit a lethal dose of poison.

Hand painted necklace with a frog 3-D hanging in a chain, made of pewter .

The frog is painted as a Blue Poison Dart. The glands of poisonous alkaloids are located as a defense mechanism to potential predators. These poisons paralyze and sometimes kill the predator. The black spots are unique to each frog, enabling individuals to be identified.

The necklace has a approx. 45 cm chain in silver oxidized steel.

The pendant is approx. 20 mm wide, 50 mm high and 7 mm thick and weighs about 8 grams.


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