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The Bast Cat Godess Pendant is a lovely piece of jewelry, picturing the Egyptian cat godess Bast. The cat sits on a gold plated plaque with hieroglyphs, and around her neck is a golden collar, adorned with a sapphire blue crystal rhinestone.

The Bast Amulet for Love and Happiness is part of the "Jewels of Atum Ra" jewelry series. It is made of lead-free pewter with gold plate, and comes with an allergy friendly, stainless steel chain. The pendant is appr. 13 mm wide and 32 mm high, and the chain is appr. 43 cm (18") long.

In anchient Egypt people sacrificed small sculptures of cats to the sun godess Bast in her temple in the city of Bubastis to get her blessing as the godess of music, dance, love and pleasure. Wearing this pendant may increase the feeling of love and happiness in your life.

Egyptian amulets hold the key to sacred truth and eternal wisdom, offering the wearer magical images and life-enhancing empowerment.

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