Brand: Alchemy England
Product Code: alch/E446S
Availability: Custom Order 2-3 Weeks
515 SEK
Ex Tax: 412 SEK

The quintessential manifestation of one of the most magical and ancient of beings.

Pointed elf-ear shaped earwraps in polished, antiqued pewter of delicate scrollwork neatly framing the ear and each set with two large, red Swarovski crystals. Can be gently squeezed to comfortably fit your own ear and fastened at the lobe with a surgical steel ear-post. (See 3rd picture for an example.)

Dimensions (approx.): H: 83 mm (3.27"), W: 38 mm (1.50") and D: 15 mm (0.59"). Weight (approx.): 17 grams/each (0.60 oz).

Designed and handmade in England.

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