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The Kraken for Wild Adventures pendant is designed by the fantasy artist Briar and it is part of the jewellery series Bestiary by Briar.

Known as the protector of the sea, the Kraken is a mile long and tracks unruly ships to attack and conquer them. The Kraken has been mentioned in litterature since the middle ages and is still a popular sea monster in both books and movies. It is believed that the legend of the Kraken has its origin in sightings of giant squids which can grow to be up to 15 meters (50 feet) in length.

This Bestiary Pendant is made of silvery zinc alloy, and accented with an turquoise colored glass cabochon. The pendant comes with a chain and a satin pouch, with the pendant's meaning explained on an enclosed card. Approximate size: 47 mm wide and 48 mm high.

Originating in the ancient world, Bestiaries were made popular in the Middle Ages. Illustrated volumes described various real, or imaginary, animals, often having symbolic significance and accompanied by a moral lesson.

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