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Earrings with pewter Viking Ship charms showing the famous dragonhead bow and protective shields along its railing. This Viking Dragonhead Boat design is part of the Trove of Valhalla jewelry series and it is meant to give its wearer Safety on Journeys. Each charm is appr. 25 mm (1") wide and 38 mm (1-1/2") high.

"The longboat figurehead was an important magical charm believed to frighten off supernatural predators just as defensive shields would protect them from human foes. Voyages could be dangerous, and the Vikings sought the guardianship of the dragon symbol for protection and good fortune when away from home."

The Viking civilization flourished during 700 AD to 1,000 AD throughout northern Europe. Artists and craftsmen, working in gold, copper, silver and bronze, evolved a distinctive design style with knots and plaited strands interlaced with animal-like creatures. The Vikings concealed hoards of ornaments and silver, believing that what was buried with the dead would be enjoyed in the afterlife. Through archaeological finds of treasure-trove, we can experience the wonders of the Viking age.

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