Brand: Eastgate Resources
Product Code: east/P03
Availability: Custom Order 4 - 6 Weeks
195 SEK
Ex Tax: 156 SEK

The Eagershelm for Protection Pendant is part of the Power Pendants jewelry series. The pendant is appr. 35 mm (1-1/8") in diameter. It is made of allergen free metal alloys and highly polished for maximum beauty.

"An Icelandic protection rune also known by the Vikings as Aegishjalmur, this eightfold spindle symbolizes order and completion. Considered to be one of the greatest talismans for magical power in the North, it is reputed to help its wearer create order from chaos, successfully complete all tasks undertaken and is considered to have protective powers. This rune was also often carried into battle for protection and invincibility."

"For thousands of years people throughout the world have worn amulets and talismans for protection and empowerment. Power Pendants is a unique collection of charms; amulets and talismans from many different countries and cultures which have been specially selected for their reputed powers of protection and transformation."

"To get the most from your Power Pendant, you will need to make a connection with it. First wear it for a couple of days to get used to it's feel. When you feel ready, find a quiet space and gaze intensely at your power pendant for one minute. Then close your eyes and hold it's image in your head for a further minute. Finally focus a minute on the meaning of it's power to you and visualize any changes you would like it to make to your life."

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