Brand: Eastgate Resources
Product Code: east/GA08/n16395
Availability: Custom Order 4 - 6 Weeks
275 SEK
Ex Tax: 220 SEK

The Dragon Skull for Wealth Beyond Imagination Pendant is made of pewter, enhanced with gold and a glittering Swarovski crystal rhinestone. The pendant is approx. 19 mm (3/4") wide and 38 mm (1-1/2") high, and it comes with a 50 cm long (approx. 20") chain made of stainless steel.

The Dragon Skull for Wealth Beyond Imagination pendant is part of the Galraedia jewelry series. The pendant comes in a black Galraedia jewelry box with its meaning and origins explained on the label inside the lid.

"Jewelled vessel of prophecy and magic cunning, the precious Dragonskull holds the key to wealth beyond imagination."

"At the edge of the unconscious mind lies an otherworld, the land of Galraedia, where shimmering myth shadows reality. This enchanted symbol, a secret of Galraedia's sacred land, holds the key to magical transformation."

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