Brand: Alchemy England
Product Code: alch/P728/n22024
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385 SEK
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A classic, ornate and highly intricate pagan amulet of power and protection, fit for a high ranking Saxon or Viking leader/warlord. The head of a dragon bites the chain and the Celtic knot-worked hammer is set with a genuine amber cabochon.

A Viking protection talisman for a true lord.

An antiqued pewter, Saxon/Viking, dragon-headed Thor's hammer pendant decorated with traditional Celtic knotwork and runes. The hammer is pierced through and set with a unique, translucent, real 30+ million year old polished amber gemstone cabochon, allowing the natural flaws to be seen against the light.

On a 53 cm (21") trace chain.

Dimensions and Weight (approx.): H: 48mm (1-7/8") W: 30mm (1-3/16") D: 11mm (0.43"). Weight: 27 grams (0.95 oz.).
(Please note that neck jewellery dimensions are excluding the fastenings.)

Designed and handmade in England in fine English pewter.

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