Villa Diodati Necklace by Alchemy England - Ragged Bat
Flitting through the silent candlelit darkness of the solitary, stormbound lakeside manor, unknowing..
Whitby Wyrm Pendant by Alchemy England - Flying Dragon
The ferocious, legendary dragon of North Yorkshire and the servant of the Antichrist, rampant. A str..
Wiccan Goddess of Love Necklace by Alchemy England
475 SEK Custom Order 6 - 8 Weeks
The Triple Goddess of Wicca, Maiden-Mother-Crone, embodied as the three depicting the three phases o..
Witches Familiar Figurine by Alchemy England - Moon Phases Cat
A black cat, the archetypal familiar spirit and witches companion, slumbers in the goddesses circle ..
Worshipping Bastet Bracelet by Alchemy England - Cat Goddess Bracelet
A triple goddess shrine to the Egyptian warrior cat and protectress, bringer of joy and goddess of s..
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