Cloak Clasp Celtic Horses No. m15016 - Medieval Cloak Clasp
Amongst the Celts the horse has always been highly regarded and seen as a prized possession, and the..
Cloak Clasp Celtic Hounds No. m15015 - Medieval Cloak Clasp
The Celtic hounds were a breed of dogs in Gaelic Ireland described in Irish legend, they may have co..
Cloak Clasp Celtic Knots No. m15017 - Medieval Cloak Clasp
These Celtic knots are complete loops that have no start or finish and could be said to represent et..
Sword with Shield Celtic Kilt Needle Brooch  No. b14001
Brooch with a sword that has a shield mounted. The shield is decorated with Celtic horses. ..
Welsh Corgi Brooch No. b14019 - Dog Head
Pewter brooch or pin in the shape of the head of a Welsh Corgi. The brooch is about 40 mm wide,..
Welsh Corgi Pembroke Laying down Brooch No. b14016
Brooch or pin in the shape of a Welsh Corgi Pembroke Laying down dog, made of pewter. The brooc..
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