Shetland Sheepdog/Collie Trotting Small Earrings No. e1704
The  Earrings Shetland Sheepdog or Collie, Trotting Small measures about 16 mm wide and 10 mm h..
Siberian Husky 3-D in Harness Running Earrings No. e18130
The  earrings Siberian Husky 3-D in Harness Running measures approx. 25 mm wide and 10 mm ..
Staffordshire Bullterrier Head Small pendant no n14103
The Staffordshire Bullterrier Head Small is in sterling silver and about 11 mm wide and 12 mm high (..
Tibetan Mastiff Pendant no n14019
The Tibetan Mastiff Larger Head  is in sterling silver and about 25 mm wide and 22mm high (abou..
Tibetan Spaniel Pendant No. n16473
The Tibetan Spaniel Stack is about 22 mm wide and 16 mm high (appr. 7/8" x 5/8"). This dog is made a..
Tibetan Spaniel Pendant No. n16474
The Tibetan Spaniel Sit design is about 19 mm wide and 19 mm high (about 3/4" x 3/4"). This dog is m..
Tibetan Terrier Pendant No. n12240
The Tibetan Terrier Trot design is about 35 mm wide and 25 mm high (appr. 1-3/8" x 1"). This is a th..
Unicorn Galloping Pendant No. n15091
The Galloping Unicorn pendant is for the fantasy lover. It has a soldered loop for easy use on a cha..
Welsh Corgi Small Head Earrings No. e13116 -
Earrings with Welsh Corgi Small Head charms made of sterling silver. Each is approx.8 mm wide a..
Whippet Large Head Pendant No. n17238
The Whippet Large Head Pendant is about 22 mm wide and 19 mm high, and it is made of sterling silver..
Yorkshire Terrier Head Earrings No. e17005
The  earrings Irish Yorkshire Terrier Head measures approx.10 mm wide and 20 mm high.The e..
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