Bearded Collie Pendant No. n13134
The Bearded Collie Head Large design is single-sided and about 19 mm wide and 25 mm high (about 3/4"..
Bichon Havanaise Large Stack Pendant No. n10033
The Bichon Havanise Stack Large is two-sided and about 25 mm wide and 22 mm high (about 1" x 7/8"). ..
Bichon Havanese Small Head Earrings No. e14195
Earrings with Bichon Havanese Small Head charms made in bronze. These earrings have leverb..
Bloodhound Head Small Charm No. n17137
The Bloodhound Head Small is in sterling silver and about 10 mm wide and 12 mm high (about 3/8" x 1/..
Border Collie Agility  Pendant No. n16476
The Border Collie Agility is in sterling silver doing the vertical jump and is about 24 mm wide and ..
Border Collie Agility Pendant No. n15008 A-Frame
The Border Collie Agility A-Frame is part of our Agility series jewlelry and it is approx. 28 mm wid..
Border Collie Brooch No. b17017 Dog with Two Sheep
This Border Collie with Two Sheep brooch is approx. 55 mm wide and 25 mm high (approx. 2-1/8" x 1"),..
Border Collie Pendant No. D90HDLG-P
695 SEK Custom Order 4 - 6 Weeks
The Border Collie Large Head is single-sided, and about 25 mm wide and 32 mm high (about 1" x 1-1/4"..
Borzoi in Circle Necklace No. n10115
The small running Borzoi is about 19 mm wide and 13 mm high (about 3/4" x 1/2"). The bronze dog is m..
Borzoi Leaping  Small Pendant No. n17135
Pendant with a running Borzoi in sterling silver. The dog is about 20mm wide and 11mm high, two runn..
Borzoi sit-lay down Pedant No. n16535
Two beautyful Borzoi, one sitting and one laying down in bronze and sterling silver. The pendant mea..
Borzoi Trotting Pendant No. n16592
Pendant with a trotting Borzoi in sterling silver- The dog is about 33 mm wide and 25mm high, includ..
Briard Trotting Small Earrings No. e10377
Earrings with bronze charms in the shape of a trotting Briard. The charms has been antique trated to..
Briard Trotting Small Earrings No. e13378
The  earrings Briard Trotting Small measures about 17 mm wide and 10 mm high . The pendant..
Bull terrier Pendant No. n13013
425 SEK 1 in stock
The Bullterrier  Pendant is in 3-D and about 22 mm wide and 170mm high (about 7/8" x 5/8"). Thi..
Bullterrier Ribbon Head Pendant No. n16365
The Bullterrier in Ribbon Head Pendant is approx. 38 mm wide and 42mm high (approx. 1-1/2" x 1-5/8")..
Cairn Terrier Small Head Earrings No. e17006
Earrings with the Cairn Terrier Small Head design made of sterling silver. The pendant is ..
Chihuahua Long Hair Pendant No. n12033
The Chihuahua Long Hair Large Head design is approx. 22 mm wide and 32 mm high (about 7/8" x 1-1/4")..
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