Necklaces and pendants with dogs from Unicorn Design.

Borzoi in Circle Necklace No. n10115
The small running Borzoi is about 19 mm wide and 13 mm high (about 3/4" x 1/2"). The bronze dog is m..
Borzoi Leaping  Small Pendant No. n17135
Pendant with a running Borzoi in sterling silver. The dog is about 20mm wide and 11mm high, two runn..
Borzoi sit-lay down Pedant No. n16535
Two beautyful Borzoi, one sitting and one laying down in bronze and sterling silver. The pendant mea..
Borzoi Trotting Pendant No. n16592
Pendant with a trotting Borzoi in sterling silver- The dog is about 33 mm wide and 25mm high, includ..
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