Bodices & Corsets

Bodices and corsets from Unicorn Design are made of two different fabrics, they are completely reversible and give you a two-in-one garment. The corsets have orthopedic steel boning sewn into the front, back and sides, and they are laced at the front, the back, the sides and the shoulders for enhanced flexibility and fit. The corsets are made to both fit and flatter the wearer, and they will hold up through rigorous wear.  The grommets are made of sturdy sheet metal, and you lace your corset with a cotton cord in white, black or offwhite. If you want to change the look of your corset, you can easily get cotton cord in another color at a haberdashery store.  Our bodices and corsets are made of heavy cotton twill or tapestry, and they come from Unicorn Clothing Company.

If you want to learn how to lace a Princess corset or bodice, please see the video "Unicorn Clothing Video Series: How to Put On a Princess Cut Bodice" on YouTube.

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