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Jewelry sets from Unicorn Design.

Art Deco Jewelry Set with Pink Crystal and Pearls No. s14024
Art Deco was an architectural, art and design style from the time between 1920 and the beginning of ..
Bees with Honey drops Jewelery Set No. s06045
A jewelery set with bees made of silver oxidized brass and under each bee sits a bright topaz colore..
Buddha figure on Filligree Jewelery Set No. s05117
A simple, discreet jewelery set that can fit on most occations! The Buddha figures are made in ..
Butterflies and Hearts in a Cascade of Colors Jewelery Set No. s15007
A jewelry set with butterflies and hearts in crystal in a variety of colors. All in a mix of the col..
Butterflies with Shimmering Wings Hand Painted Jewelery Set No. s06024
A jewelery set with butterflies made of antique gold plated brass, hand painted in shimmering color...
Butterflies with Shimmering Wings Hand Painted Jewelery Set No. s07002
A jewelery set with butterflies made of antique gilded brass, hand painted in light blue, shimmering..
Crystal Disc Jewelery Set No. s14006
The faceted edge makes these stones sparkle extra much and different depending on the light.The set ..
Dragonflies and Jade Jewelery Set No. s18002
A sheer and elegant jewelry set for any occasion with flying dragonflies and genuine jade cabochons...
Drops in Black Crystal under Ornamented Connector Jewelery Set No. s15006
A stylish jewelry set for the finest party with a cascade of black Swarovski crystals!The set consis..
Flowers and Bees Jewelery Set No. s05087
A jewelery set with bees made of gold-plated brass and under each bee sits a topaz colored glass jew..
Flowers in Cherry Quartz  Jewellery Set No. s06078
Cherry Quartz is ordinary quarts crystal treated with red cinnabar which gives the stone a lovely pi..
Freshwater Pearls Jewelery Set No. s15013
A timeless jewelery set of genuine freshwater pearls with white pearls mixed with pink pearls.The se..
Frog Blue Poison Dart Jewelery Set No. s16028
The Poison Darts lives in Central America and South America. Poison Darts have their name from when ..
Glass Opal Topaz Coulored in Filigree Frame Jewelery Set No. s05047
NecklaceA glass opal with a topaz colored inlay in shimmering shades in frames with filigree pattern..
Heart in a Bottle Jewelery Set No. s16008
This pretty jewelry set would be perfect as a romantic gift, perhaps on Valentine's Day, to cel..
Hearts and Roses Jewelery Set No. s14002
Lovely jewelry set for the most festive of occasions!The set consists of:NecklaceFive Y-links with r..
Hearts in Violet Jewelery Set No. s11005
According to the international flower language, used by many florists, a flower bouquet with violet ..
Leaves in Silver Jewelery Set No. s16001
A slightly discreet and elegant jewelry set with silver colored metal parts and drip-shaped Swarovsk..
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