Bracelets from Unicorn Design.

Dachshound Longhair Bracelet No. LD02-B
1,970 SEK Custom Order 4-6 Weeks
Longhaired Dachshound No. LD02 jumping for joy as accent on a bracelet, together with two chew bone ..
Dachshound Longhair Bracelet No. LD02-BR
4,810 SEK Custom Order 4-6 Weeks
Happily jumping Longhaired Dachshound No. LD02, six of them make up this charming bracelet. &nb..
Dragon's Lure Bangle Bracelet by Alchemy England
425 SEK Custom Order 2-3 Weeks
A twisting saurian familiar, willing it's confidant to a wayward and dissolute lifestyle. The i..
Elizabethan Bracelet by Alchemy England - Tudor Hearts
Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester's original design for the tracery moulding frieze above the nor..
Emerald Venom Bracelet by Alchemy England - Crystal Spider
This deadly, predator is quiescent, unnervingly poised to sink its irresistable fangs into any conve..
Filigree Bracelet No. m16070
145 SEK Out Of Stock
Bracelet with eight square filligrees made antique silver oxidized brass, held together by shor..
Flocking Ravens Bracelet by Alchemy England
A circlet of unkindness (as a collection of ravens is known!), performs its calling, protects you an..
Frog Band Bracelet No. m16090
375 SEK 1 in stock
Bracelet with six handpainted pewter frogs, singing or playing different musical instruments, dangli..
Green Crystal with Tea Bracelet No. m14089
Bracelet with green crystal beads and with a cute little pewter teapot charm. This is an elastic bra..
Guinea Pig Bracelet No. GP01-B
2,795 SEK Custom Order 4-6 Weeks
Guinea Pig No. GP01 as accent on a double curb bracelet. The bracelet is fully soldered and features..
Guinea Pig Bracelet No. GP01-BR
10,795 SEK Custom Order 4-6 Weeks
Seven cute Guinea Pig No. GP01 make up this charming bracelet.  The guinea pig is dimensional, ..
Heart of Cthulhu Bracelet by Alchemy England - Kraken Octopus
The monstrous, crystallised soul of darkness emerging from the malevolent depths of the dark ocean. ..
Horse Bracelet in Crystal Moonligth No. m17025
Bracelet with seven links in the form of horse bits made of silver oxidized pewter. Each bit is abou..
Horse Bracelet in Cyklamen Bracelet No. m17024
Bracelet with seven links in the form of horse bits made of silver oxidized pewter. Each bit is abou..
Horse Head Cameo Bracelet No. m16008
Bracelet made of silverplated pewter with a round glass cameo picturing a white horse head against l..
Let's have Coffee Bracelet No. m17023
Here is a fun bracelet for anyone with a slight coffee addiction!This bracelet is adorned with eight..
Mermaids with Blue Crystal Bracelet No. m14088
Bracelet with eight mermaid shaped beads made of pewter. Each mermaid is about 15 mm long and betwee..
Mice and Beads Bracelet No. m16132
This is the ultimate bracelet for those who like mice!The bracelet has thirteen pendants in silver-p..
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