Other pendants from Unicorn Design.

Air Blue Opal Crystal Necklace No. n16147
A sheer and discreet necklace with nine light blue Swarovski crystals in the color Air Blue Opal sus..
Apple  Medallion Necklace No. n13192
The apple, the symbol of knowledge, here represented in the form of an antique gold treated brass pe..
Currant Leaves Necklace No. n18088
Necklace with with two cast leaves and a twig in matte gold-plated pewter with brackets for attachin..
Heart in Filigree Necklace No. n14043
A necklace with a heart in silver oxidized pewter adorned with different filigree patterns on the di..
Jewellry Case Koala on Branch with Cub No. m17019
A super cute little jewelry box that pictures a Koala sitting in a tree trunk in a bamboo tree. The ..
Lingonberry Necklace No. n18149
325 SEK 1 in stock
Necklace with with a cast branch in silver oxidized pewter with loops for hanging beads. On the..
Point in Citrine Necklace No. n19045
Necklace with with a point made of the yellow-brown variety of quartz called citrine. The point..
Point in Rock Crystal Necklace No. n19070
Necklace with with a point made of the clear variety of quartz called rock crystal. The point i..
Rivoli Chain Necklace No. n14040
Necklace with with a rolo chain where 9 Rivolistones is suspended in a very effectfull way.The Rivol..
Spherical Medallion Steampunk Necklace No. n18020
Necklace with a medallion in the shape of a sphere made of antique-gilded brass. When the medal..
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