Flowers & Leaves

Necklaces and pendants with flowers, leaves and vines from Unicorn Design.

Apple  Medallion Necklace No. n13192
The apple, the symbol of knowledge, here represented in the form of an antique gold treated brass pe..
Currant Leaves Necklace No. n18088
Necklace with with two cast leaves and a twig in matte gold-plated pewter with brackets for attachin..
Fairy Hand Painted Cameo Necklace No. n16512
Necklace with hand painted cameo with dark blue background with flowers and a fairy in elegant long ..
Flower Garland Petunia Handpainted Necklace No. n16498
A beautiful, hand-painted necklace with four differently large flowers painted in apricot color with..
Flower Garland with Leaves Handpainted Necklace No. n19114
A sparkling, hand-painted necklace with six different flowers, four painted and two entirely in crys..
Flowering Branch Necklace No. nn21002
Necklace with a handpainted link in the shape of a flowering branch made of matt silverplated brass...
Flowers in Cherry Quartz  Jewellery Set No. s06078
Cherry Quartz is ordinary quarts crystal treated with red cinnabar which gives the stone a lovely pi..
Flowers in Glass Necklace No. n05037
Necklace with a drop shaped glass jewel 18 x 13 mm with floral pattern. In the chain are also t..
Hedera Helix Pendant for Faithfulness and Good Friendships by Anne Stokes - Ivy with Crystal
"My evergreen ivy wraps snugly but does not confine, clasping close with a promise to keep my crysta..
Hibiscus Hand Painted Necklace No. n15108
Hand painted necklace with with three flowers of hibiscus and leaves in matte gold-plated brass.On t..
Leaf in Green Aventurine Necklace No. n08130
Necklace with with a cut leaf in the semi-precious crystal green aventurine.The necklace comes with ..
Leaf in Red Jasper Necklace No. n07098
Necklace with with a cut leaf in the semi-precious crystal red jasper.The necklace comes with a 2 mm..
Lingonberry Necklace No. n18149
325 SEK 1 in stock
Necklace with with a cast branch in silver oxidized pewter with loops for hanging beads. On the..
Orchid Enamelled in Green and Yellow Necklace No. n16109
Necklace with with a green and yellow enamelled orchid made of gold plated pewter.Above the flower i..
Pink Shell with Crystal Necklace No. n21001
Necklace with an oval pink, natural shell cabochon mounted in a setting edged with 26 crystal rhines..
Rose Briar Choker Necklace by Alchemy England - Black Roses Garland
A grave but beautiful garland of arcane mystique; five sinister, sable blooms standing for the eleme..
Rose Green Necklace No. n15172
50 SEK 1 in stock
Necklace with with a green rose made in glass.The necklace comes with a 1,3 mm smooth link chain in ..
Rose in Black with Rheinstones Necklace No. n19118
Hand painted necklace with a silver painted rose in silver-plated pewter.The necklace comes with a b..
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