Flowers & Leaves

Necklaces and pendants with flowers, leaves and vines from Unicorn Design.

Flowers Handpainted Necklace No. n17249
A beautyful and dramatick Necklace with seven lovely, handpainted flowers in different colors. In th..
Hedera Helix Pendant for Faithfulness and Good Friendships by Anne Stokes - Ivy with Crystal
"My evergreen ivy wraps snugly but does not confine, clasping close with a promise to keep my crysta..
Lingonberry Necklace No. n18149
325 SEK 1 in stock
Necklace with with a cast branch in silver oxidized pewter with loops for hanging beads. On the..
Rosenkatze Necklace by Alchemy England - Cat with Black Rose
A pewter necklace with a dark cat coveting a single black rose, with a resin flower and on a 19..
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