History & Fantasy

Necklaces and pendants inspired by times gone by, fantasy and fairytales from Unicorn Design.

Aequicorn Pendant by Alchemy England - Sea Unicorn
The Aequicorn; from Aequor: sea, Equus: horse and Cornus: horn. These are the preserved remains of a..
Aethera Draconem Pendant by Alchemy England - Dragon with Pearl
The Ether Dragon, one of the five pagan guardians of the elements, clutches the effulgently iridesce..
Affaire du Coeur Pendant by Alchemy England - Heart with Skulls
A dark and Delphic romance of the heart; an assignation between two strange and exotic creatures fro..
Angel of Vision Pendant for Perspective by Briar - Angel and Bat
The Angel of Vision for Perspective Pendant from the jewelry series Angels and Faeries, is designed ..
Anguistralobe Pendant by Alchemy England - Astrolabe
From the personal effects of the fabled Dr von Rosenstein, a working miniature of an 1800's instrume..
Arcanus Pendant for Gaining Your Most Desired by Anne Stokes - Bats in Square
The Arcanus for Gaining Your Most Desired Pendant, from the jewelry series Carpe Noctum, is designed..
Balkan Triptych Icon Locket Necklace by Alchemy England - Dracula Pendant
A shrine for the purpose of private, alternative devotion; a spiritual gateway to the Netherworld an..
Basking Draca Pendant for Money and Luck by Anne Stokes
"My Draca appears asleep, but watches for opportunity and sees the future with its inner eye, pr..
Bast Cat Godess Pendant for Love and Happiness
The Bast Cat Godess Pendant is a lovely piece of jewelry, picturing the Egyptian cat godess Bast. Th..
Blade and Chalice Pendant for Perfect Love and Perfect Trust
The Pendant Blade and Chalice for Perfect Love and Perfect Trust is part of the jewelry series Knigh..
Blast Furnace Behemoth Pendant by Alchemy England - Steampunk Dragon
A Victorian mad man's dream, or a futuristic creation of great ambition and genius? A monstrous, tho..
Blood Moon Pendant by Alchemy England - Bats and Moon
A skein of bats flitters about this deep and sinister portent. A dramatic necklace fit for any ..
Bright Heart Hengeband for Vitality by Anne Stokes and Briar Necklace or Head Band
The hengeband Bright Heart may be worn as a necklace or on your brow, or even as a thigh decoration,..
Celestial Hare Pendant for Quick Thinking - Hare with Sun and Moon
The hare, sacred child of the goddess, dances across the face of the full moon, ever-bright. Gracefu..
Coeur Sauvage Necklace by Alchemy England - Wild Heart Dragons
Conflicting beauty and duality of the heart, this is an attractive piece that is sure to turn heads...
Countess Kamila Necklace by Alchemy England - Crystal Heart
A unique gift of love from the Earl of Ravenspurgh to his ravishingly beautiful, though strangely di..
Crux Dragana Pendant for Confidence and Strong Protection by Anne Stokes - Dragon with Cross
Darkness conceals and reveals. Those willing to walk in the shadows will experience the wonder of Ca..
Daena Pendant for Charisma and Sensuality - Woman with Snake and Crystals
The Daena for Charisma and Sensuality Pendant is made of pewter, enhanced with gold and Swarovski cr..
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