Other Animals

Necklaces and pendants with farm animals and wild animals, from cows and sheep to lions, gorillas and wolfs.

Anteater handpainted Necklace no n17252
This unique, handpainted Anteater is made in pewter. It is painted as a Giant Anteate and painted in..
Blood Moon Pendant by Alchemy England — Bats at Full Moon
A skein of bats flitters about this deep and sinister portent. A dramatic necklace fit for any ..
Celestial Hare Pendant for Quick Thinking - Hare with Sun and Moon
The Celestial Hare for Quick Thinking Pendant is part of the mythical Greenwood jewelry series. The ..
Dark Wolf Pendant by Alchemy England — Wolf's Head
The ferocity emanated by this feral beast is tangible to anyone who happens to just glance.An antiqu..
Elephant in Grass Handpainted Necklace No. n15035
A completely unique, hand-painted pendant with an elephant standing in green painted grass. Elephant..
Gothic Bat Necklace by Alchemy England - Flying Bat
The quintessential symbol of gothic darkness, a true creature of the night in full flight. A go..
Hydra Necklace by Alchemy England - Three Snakes
From Greek mythology and the Labours of Heracles, the entrance to the Underworld at the lake of Lern..
Kraken Necklace by Alchemy England - Giant Octopus
You strain to escape the feel of the monstrous, slippery tentacles writhing to take a stranglehold o..
Owl Pendant Bird of Prey for Wisdom and Psychic Ability
The Owl, bird of prey and sacred to the night, glides through the Otherworld, with supernatural, all..
Phantom Necklace by Alchemy England - Bats and Moon
The vanguard of a throng of bats, tumbling out from a backdrop of the sparkling moon to menace the n..
Pipistrella Pendant to attract Wealth and Influence by Anne Stokes - Dragon with Crystal
"My charming Pipistrella flares her wings to ward off those in envy of my good fortune, and promises..
Ravenett Necklace by Alchemy England - Flying Raven
The darkened quietude of sorrow softly intoned by the sure but slight presence of a raven on the win..
Winter Guardians Enchanted Cameo by Anne Stokes - Wolf Pendant
The Winter Guardians Enchanted Cameo Pendant has a pewter setting picturing two howling wolves and i..
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