Terrarium Pets

Necklaces and pendants with terrarium pets such as snakes, lizards, newts, frogs and insects.

Dagger of Sesa for Victory over Secret Enemies - Snake Sword with Crystals
The Dagger of Sesa for Victory over Secret Enemies pendant is made of pewter, enhanced with gold and..
Emerald Venom Necklace by Alchemy England - Crystal Spider
A deadly predator, poised to sink its irresistable fangs. An eye-catching necklace that will inject ..
Gorgon's Eye Necklace by Alchemy England - Snakes with Crystal Eye
The very essence of the dreaded evil eye, staring from within the writhing snakes of the gorgon Sthe..
Hydra Necklace by Alchemy England - Three Snakes
From Greek mythology and the Labours of Heracles, the entrance to the Underworld at the lake of Lern..
Lizard Gecko Stylized handpainted Pendant No. n18002
Pendant with a gecko lizard made of tumbled pewter and about 17 mm wide and 55 mm high (about 3/4" x..
Snake as Eternity Sign Pendant
185 SEK 1 in stock
Pendant in the shape of a snake which has wound itself into the likeness of an eternity sign. The sn..
Snake Handpainted Pendant No. n18001
This slithering handpainted snake pendant is made of silverplated pewter and it is about 20 mm ..
Snakes in Gold Necklace No. n18107
Necklace with two beautiful snakes, wound together forming a sign for eternal love. The snakes ..
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