Flowers & Leaves

Earrings with flowers, leaves and vines, made of brass, pewter, silver and bronze.

 Branch with Crystal Earrings No. e17138
Earrings with goldplated brass charms in the shape of branches. These earrings are decorated wi..
Bamboo twig with Beads Earrings No. e14169
Earrings with matted goldplated brass charms in the shape of bamboo twigs with leafs. In the en..
Branch with bow and pearl earrings No. e14174
Earrings in silver-plated brass representing a lying branch that holds an arc. On the branch is..
Branch, round with flower and leaf earrings No. e16157
Earrings in silver-plated pewter representing a round hanged branch that holds a leaf basket with a ..
Butterfly with Crystal Drop Earrings No. e16298
225 SEK Custom Order 4-6 Weeks
Earrings in silver-oxidized pewter representing a butterfly. Below the butterfly is a drop-shap..
Flower Earrings in sterling silver No. e16079
Stud earrings in the shape of flowers, made of sterling silver with stamen made of golden vermeil...
Flower Water Lily in Gold Vermeil Earrings No. e16155
Gold vermeil, or just vermeil, is a term used to refer to jewelry or other items made of silver and ..
Flowers Roses and Tulips Earrings No. e17071
Leverback earrings in the shape of where there are two pendants with a rose that surrounds a pe..
Poinsettia Earrings no e17027
225 SEK 1 in stock
Earrings with handpainted pewter charms in the shape of Poinsettia flowers, which is the most popula..
Romance of Black Rose Earrings from Alchemy England
The black rose, the bloom that every adept sought to achieve, the alchemical mystery personified by ..
Sheaf Earrings No. e16118
125 SEK 1 in stock
Earrings with handpainted pewter charms in the shape of a sheaf.Above each charm is a Swarovski crys..
Sign with the text "My Garden" Earrings No. e09313
Hand-painted earrings with pendants showing a sign with the text "My Garden". Under the sign ar..
Tierra Cast Duchess Earrings No. e12481
Tierra Cast is an American company specializing in very well-made and detailed jewelry parts. H..
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