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Angel with Rose Earrings No. e15174
Earrings with handpainted pewter charms in the shape of an angel holding a red rose..Her clothes are..
Angels and Roses Hair Barrette No. h08004
Magnificent, handpainted hair barette with a Victorian style focal, made of antique gold o..
Angora Rabbit Handpainted Pendant and Chain No. n14045
Handpainted pewter pendant in the shape of an Angora Rabbit. The rabbit is painted white with pink e..
Angora Rabbit Handpainted Pendant and Chain No. n14046
Handpainted pewter pendant in the shape of an Angora Rabbit. The rabbit is painted light and dark gr..
Anguistralobe Pendant by Alchemy England - Astrolabe
From the personal effects of the fabled Dr von Rosenstein, a working miniature of an 1800's instrume..
Anteater handpainted Necklace no n17252
This unique, handpainted Anteater is made in pewter. It is painted as a Giant Anteate and painted in..
Anubis Earrings No. e14224
185 SEK 1 in stock
Anubis is probably the Egyptian deity best known for its appearance: a black jackal or a man with a ..
Anvil Earrings No. e14004
195 SEK Out Of Stock
Earrings in the shape of an anvil.The pendant is made in pewter. The pendant is adorned by a Sw..
Apple  Medallion Necklace No. n13192
The apple, the symbol of knowledge, here represented in the form of an antique gold treated brass pe..
Apron for the Chef Earrings No. e07249
Earrings with pendants in pewter representing an apron vith the text "Best Chef".The earrings are de..
Aquamarine Crystal Earrings No. e18066
Earrings with beautiful crystals from Swarovski in the color Aquamarine, size 18 x 13 mm.These ..
Arabian Thoroughbreds Pendant No. n15093
A pendant picturing two beautyfully sculptured heads of Arabian Thoroughbreds, one in bronze and one..
Arboreus Earrings by Alchemy England - Victorian Elf Ears
An elf's ear, disposed to the natural surroundings of such a creature, in the form of a Victorian go..
Arcanus Pendant for Gaining Your Most Desired by Anne Stokes - Bats in Square
The Arcanus for Gaining Your Most Desired Pendant, from the jewelry series "Carpe Noctum", is design..
Armchairs Handpainted Earrings No. e10347
Earrings with hand painted silver plated pewter charms in the shape of comfortable armchairs.The ear..
Armring Bracelet No. m16133 Attached to You
The Attached to You bracelet is adorned with two charms, a heart and a pair of handcuffs, ..
Arrowhead Victorian Earrings no e05019
Earrings with brass charms in the shape of victorian arrowheads. These earrings are for pierced..
Art Deco in Dark Rainbow Colors Jewelry Set No. s19001
Art Deco was an architectural, art and design style from the time between 1920 and the beginning of ..
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