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Winter Guardians Enchanted Cameo by Anne Stokes - Wolf Pendant
The Winter Guardians Enchanted Cameo Pendant has a pewter setting picturing two howling wolves and i..
Wolf and New Moon Earrings No. e19029
Handpainted earrings with pewter charms in the shape of a crescent with a howling wolf. A silvery mo..
Wolf Earrings No. e18051 - Pair of Wolves
Earrings with sterling silver charms in the shape of a pair of wolves, with each charm being approx...
Wolf Hammer Pendant for Strength and Vitality - Viking Amulett
The Wolf Hammer for Strength and Vitality pendant is part of the Trove of Valhalla jewelry series. T..
Wolf with Heart Bracelet No. m16069
This bracelet has a handpainted howling wolf charm made of pewter and a Swarovski clear crystal hear..
Wolf`s Head Earring No. e16181
125 SEK 1 in stock
Note! This earring is not a pair, it´s just one pice.Earring in stainless surgeon steel of a wolf´s ..
Woman in Bikini Earrings No. e13165
Handpainted earrings in the shape of a woman wearing bikini leaning comfortably. The pendant is made..
Worshipping Bastet Bracelet by Alchemy England - Cat Goddess Bracelet
A triple goddess shrine to the Egyptian warrior cat and protectress, bringer of joy and goddess of s..
Yellow-crested Cockatoo Cameo Jewelery Set No. s11021 - Parrot Jewelery
Cockatoo is a family among the parrot birds. The cockatoo has a smaller habitat than ordinary p..
Yoga I Love Yoga Earrings No. e14149
Handpainted earrings in the shape of a heart and the text "I LOVE YOGA". The pendant is made in silv..
Yorkshire Terrier Earrings No. D014-BNE
2,050 SEK Custom Order 4 - 6 Weeks
Yorkshire Terrier Earrings No. D014-BNE, made as a pair of stud earrings with each dog head dangling..
Yorkshire Terrier Earrings No. e15095
Earrings with handpainted silver oxidized pewter charms in the shape of Yorkshire Terrier ..
Yorkshire Terrier Head Earrings No. e17005
The  earrings Irish Yorkshire Terrier Head measures approx.10 mm wide and 20 mm high.The e..
Yorkshire Terrier Trotting Brooch No. b15032
Brooch or pin in the shape of a Yorkshire Terrier Trotting dog, made of pewter. It has a small ..
Yorvik Compass for Safe Travels - Viking Ship Compass
The Yorvik Compass for Safe Travels Pendant is made of pewter and enhanced with Swarovski crystal rh..
Zombie Earrings No. e18017
225 SEK 2 in stock
Earrings with handpainted pewter charms in the shape of a zombie. His suit and tie are painted black..
Zotz Pendant for Warning of Hidden Dangers - Flying Bat
The Zotz for Warning of Hidden Dangers pendant is made of pewter, enhanced with a Swarovski crystal ..
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