Our oxidized and varnished jewelry should not ever be polished with polishing solution, then destroyed the beautiful surface and cannot be restored. They are also susceptible to hair spray, perfume and other things that contain solvents. If your jewelryhas become dirty, wipe it with a soft cloth and, if necessary, use a little mild soapy water to remove grease, cosmetics, and the like.

Our untreated jewelry of sterling silver and/or bronze, you can, of courserub with ordinary polishing solution designed for the metal you want to clean. Then rinse withwater and dry at last the jewelry with a soft cloth or soft paper towels.

Manage your handmade jewelry as little works of art that actually is; with care, you will enjoy it for many years. If you lose your jewelry and a stone or part comes off, you are welcome to contact us as we prepare the jewelry for you without charge. However, if you lose this piece so that a stone, Crystal or jewellry part breaks down, we can not take any responsibility for it. If you would like to have a broken stone replaced or piece part repaired, please let me know and we can probably repair the jewel in that case also, but then against payment according to agreement. We cannot guarantee that an identical stone or piece of jewelry part as the broken, or lost, are available but we will do our best to find one that fits.