About our jewelry

Most of our brass jewelry is assembled from parts made with punches from the beginning of the last century, in some cases, the model of them even older. Many of the fittings and ornaments we use are rare and difficult to obtain today. So you can be sure that your new piece of jewelry will not be sitting on everyone you meet. A little more work, and more expensive, jewelry making, we usually only in a single unit that they really should be unique and feel special when wearing them because our jewelry is handcrafted, there are minor differences even on eg. two earrings that are sold as a pair, Two handmade jewelry will never be exactly the same, which, of course, is the charm of them.

Most of our jewelry is made of brass or pewter. Many of the parts are plated in gold or silver, and then work to get that beautiful, old-fashioned, a little dark color. Some jewelry parts antikbehandlar we for hand one or more times to get the shadows, highlights and structures in the pattern, and some hand paint we

Finally varnished the protection. All this occurs before the jewellery may be painted and then varnished again, also it one or more times. In some cases, the metal only plated, it comes for example. some of our ranges, and in some cases no other coating than hand painting. Some chains and also some of the simplest mountings. Parts without plating may become darker over time, it makes them even more beautiful and get your jewelry to see more antique.

When it comes to plating, patination, antique finish, a little more to be said about the colors of metal parts in our jewelry. An object in gold or silver and incisal vary in color depending on from which manufacturer it will and indeed depending on when it is made. Then, when the first patineringen made is the variety of shades. To make it a little easier, we mainly the color of our products that are either antique gold or antique silver. Then, we also use the term dark antique gold and antique silver. Guldoxid, silver oxide and copper oxide is a little lighter in color and, finally, we have also the subject in color metal black (gun metal).

The jewelry stones and gems we use in our jewelry comes mostly from Austria Swarovski is in firm the best on the market and whose crystals are 100% exact facets. Some jewelry also contains one or more hand made prisms of Bohemian crystal. They are produced in factories with centuries-old roots, and they will then be carefully cut and polished by hand. A favorite is the stunningly beautiful, also the handcrafted, glasopalerna that Shimmers in many colors and that is almost as beautiful as the real opals. Tin figures we use are cast in Australia or the United States.

We also have a series of jewelry of sterling silver and/or bronze with animal motifs, most commonly dogs, made to order for us by a silversmith in Colorado, Usa. She operates a no-kill rescue center "for dogs of all kinds and a part of the profit per piece goes to Center on. Måttot is "changing the world for one dog at a time".

The inspiration for many of our jewelry comes from different eras. Mostly from the Victorian era, from Art Deco and from Art Nouveau (the artistic style we call jugend); Therefore the time between about 1850-1930, but also from the Renaissance and the middle ages.