The metal we use in our jewelry is mostly brass. Brass is an alloy that essentially consists of copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn). Typically made of copper and brass 67% 33% zinc, but by varying the concentrations of copper and zinc, to produce different colors. Increases copper content becomes the brass redder, lowered the levels below 50% to get a white brass. By adding other metals can also bring out the qualities that make the brass suitable for different uses.

Nickel is added not to the brass, nickel can be used as surface treatment in cases where you want a shiny silver metal color of the final product.

After what insured us by our suppliers provide parts in our jewellery not nickel. However, there is one, of us known, except from this. It is the basis for our hair clips, i.e. the actual hair clasp, sold in hobby shops in Sweden marked "Manage nickel borders".

Those who want to read more about nickel and nickel allergy, please refer to the Board's message about a nickel allergy.

If you are unsure if you can tolerate having brass hooks in the ears, can order all models of earrings for pierced ears with hooks by surgeon steel, sterling silver, genuine 18 k gold, titanium or niobium. Hooks made of steel, with decors to suit both gold, silver and copper, as well as hooks of niobium, sterling silver and titanium, we have in stock. Niobium and titanium are two of the metals that are approved for surgical implants in the human body and which is considered to be the most safest from allergy point of view. Hooks of niobium costs 20 kroons per couple in addition to the cost of the earring. Read more about hooks of niobium here. Usual hooks of sterling silver or titanium costs SEK 30 per couple extra.

Hooks of real gold, we have to special order. The price for them is determined by when you place your order because precious metals varies quite a lot in price over time.

We do not charge any additional fee for the replacement of the hooks.

You who do not have pierced ears can order most of our earrings with clips instead of hooks.